Reflection of light - Light

Reflection of light



In this lesson, we will learn:

  • The key terms in reflection
  • Types of reflection
  • The laws of reflection
  • Solve reflection problems


Reflection of light: when light strikes objects, it is partly absorbed (as heat) and partly sent back (reflected)

Regular reflection Vs. Diffuse reflection
  • Regular reflection: reflection of light by smooth surfaces such as mirror.
  • Diffuse reflection: reflection of light by rough surfaces such. (most objects)

Reflection of Light

Key terms

  • Incident ray: The incoming ray of light
  • Reflected ray: The outgoing ray of light
  • Point of incidence: The intersection of incident ray and the boundary
  • Normal: Imaginary line drawn perpendicular to the boundary at point of incidence
  • Angle of incidence (< ii ): The angle between the NORMAL and the incident ray
  • Angle of reflection (< rr): The angle between the NORMAL and the reflected ray
Reflection of Light

  • Laws of Reflection
    1. Incident ray, reflected ray, and normal all lie in the same plane called plane of incidence
    2. Angle of incidence equals to angle of reflection (< ii= < rr)
  • Intro Lesson
    Reflection of Light
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Reflection of light

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