Sums and differences: Word problems

  1. Introduction to Word Problems with Sums and Differences
    Tips to tackling word problems
  1. Word Problems with Addition and Subtraction
    1. Thomas and Maria are apple picking. Thomas picked 128 apples and Maria picked 143 apples. How many apples did they pick in total?
    2. Sam's school had 245 soccer games while Sam attended the school. Sam played in 189 of these soccer games. How many games did he miss?
    3. Jordan is playing a game that totals the points he scores in three rounds to get a final score. His first round he scored 28 points, the second round he scored 86 points and in the third round he scored 102 points. What will his final score be?
    4. Chloe has $180 to spend at the mall to buy sports equipment. She spends $64 at the first store and $32 at the second store. How much money does she have left?
  2. Multi-Step Word Problems
    1. Hannah's cat is missing. She prints off 120 missing cat posters. She puts 25 of them close to her house and another 68 of them at stores in the area. She gives the rest to her brother for him to put up. How many does her brother have to put up?
    2. Natalie has 46 tickets to use at the amusement park. She wants to ride the rollercoaster that costs 16 tickets, the Ferris wheel that costs 22 tickets and the water ride that costs 12 tickets. On her way to the first ride, she loses 10 of her tickets. How many more tickets will she need to ride all three rides?
    3. Ben went to the store to buy presents for his family. He spent $32 on a present for his sister, 28$ on a present for his brother and $102 on a present for his parents. He paid the cashier $200. How much change should he be given?