Metric units: Length, volume, weight

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  1. Introduction to Metric Units
  2. Introduction to measuring length
    1. What is length? 
    2. How do we measure length? 
    3. Metric Units of Length: millimetre, centimetre, meter, kilometer
  3. Intro to metric conversions
  4. Converting in two steps and three steps
  5. Introduction to measuring weight
    1. What is weight?
    2. How do we measure weight?
    3. Metric units of volume: gram and kilogram
  6. Converting between metric units of weight
  7. Introduction to measuring volume
    1. What is volume?
    2. How do we measure volume?
    3. Metric units of volume: millilitre, litre
  8. Converting between metric units of volume
  1. Choose the appropriate metric unit of measurement
    Which unit would you use to measure? (mm, cm, m, km)
    1. Length of a pencil
    2. Length of a football field
    3. Thickness of a coin
    4. Distance between two cities
    1. Converting Metric Units of Length
      1. 200 cm into m
      2. 10 m into mm
      3. 200 m into km
    2. Converting metric units of volume
      1. 2 litres into millilitres
      2. 2500 millilitres into litres
    3. Converting metric units of weight
      1. 3 kilograms into grams
      2. 500 grams into kilograms
    4. Comparing Metric Units of Length
      Compare the following lengths using <, =, >
      1. 10cm, 100mm
      2. 2m and 150 cm 20mm
    5. Comparing Metric Units of Volume
      Compare the following volumes using <, =, >
      1. 800ml and 1 L
      2. 5000 mL and 3L 150ml
    6. Comparing Metric Units of Weight 
      Compare the following weights using <, =, >
      1. 2000 g and 1 kg
      2. 2.5 kg 50g and 2000g
    7. Word Problems with Metric Units
      1. Annie and Jessica are both going for hikes. Annie went on 6km hike while Jessica went on a 4500m hike. Jessica says she had a longer hike. Is she correct?
      2. Ben is asked to get 0.5 L of orange juice from the store. The store has 750 mL juice bottles or 500 mL juice bottles. Which one should he buy? 
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    Topic Notes

    In this lesson, we will learn:

    • Metric units of length, volume and weigh
    • Comparing and Converting between different metric units
    • Choosing appropriate units to make measurements


    Metric Units of Length:

    1km = 1000 m
    1 m = 100 cm
    1 cm = 10 mm

    Customary Units: Length, Volume, Weight

    Metric Units of Volume

    1L = 1000 mL

    Customary Units: Length, Volume, Weight

    Metric Units of Weight 

    1kg = 1000 g

    Customary Units: Length, Volume, Weight