Likelihood for simple events

  1. Introduction to Basic Probability for Simple Events:
  2. How to describe the likelihood of something happening
  3. Likelihood on a probability number line
  4. Simple events on the probability line (coins, dice, spinners)
  1. Expectation and likelihood for simple events
    Draw a point on the probability line for the likelihood of the event to happen. Describe using one of the words: likely, unlikely, impossible, certain, or equally likely.
    Likelihood for Simple Events
    1. Rolling greater than 3 on a six-sided die
    2. Rolling less than 7 on a six-sided die
    3. Rolling the number 6 on a six-sided die
    4. Rolling the number 8 on a six-sided die
    5. Rolling greater than 2 on a six-sided die
  2. Likelihood and probability: word problem
    On a weather app, it shows the weather forecast for tomorrow with hourly weather predictions (for 24 hours). It will rain some time in the day.

    Likelihood for Simple Events
    1. List all the possible outcomes for the weather at any time tomorrow.
    2. Write the probabilities for each possible outcome. Are the outcomes equally as likely?
    3. If you went outside at any random time tomorrow, how likely will you need to bring an umbrella?
    4. If the weather forecast for the next day has the same outcomes as tomorrow, but they will be equally as likely to happen. How many hours out of the day will it be predicted to rain?