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I love maths, but not so much learning it in classroom because I want more control of my study. It became possible when I joined StudyPug. It gives me unlimited access to maths lessons on maths topics that I need to learn. I can learn and practice whenever I want at my own pace.

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Testimonial: Darren O'Brien
Darren O'Brien
Secondary school maths teacher
I use StudyPug to help me on class preparation because the content here is closely aligned with the school's maths curriculum. I can easily look for and pull resources from here for my maths class planning. In addition, the video lessons always contain tricks to solve questions which are worth sharing with my students.
Testimonial: Rachel McCarthy
Rachel McCarthy
Third year maths student, Cork, Ireland
I was struggling with my study for Junior Cert maths, and so I went online for help. However, most of the maths websites aren't really helpful. And then, I found Study Pug. I can find everything I need for Junior Cert and more. Now, I am using StudyPug to study and prepare for all my maths quizzes and exams.
Testimonial: Ruby O'Hora
Ruby O'Hora
Sixth year maths student, Dublin, Ireland
Thank you StudyPug! It used to take me a long time to finish my maths homework and study. More often than not, the tests and homework were more difficult than I could handle on my own. So, I almost gave up on my Leaving Cert. However, maths became all easy and my grades went up A LOT after I started studying with StudyPug. I wish I knew your site earlier so I didn't have to suffer so much before!