Volume of rectangular prisms word problems

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  1. Introduction to Rectangular Prisms Word Problems
  2. Volume of a prism
  3. Cross section
  1. Analyze the Change in Volume of a Prism

    Vincent bought a new rectangular fish tank with a base measurement of 52cm by 37cm and filled it with water to a height of 18cm. After that he poured in some gravel and the water level rose by 13cm. What is the volume of the gravel?

    1. A rectangular swimming pool with a base measurement of 10m by 6m was filled up with water to the 5m mark. If a truck with a volume of 15m3m^{3} accidentally fell into the pool, what will the new water level be?
      1. Evaluate the Cross Section of a Prism

        Which one of the following prisms will produce the given shape if we were to slice it horizontally?

        MATH7 16 1 3
        1. MATH7 16 1 3a
        2. MATH7 16 1 3b
        3. MATH7 16 1 3c
        4. MATH7 16 1 3d
      2. Cross Section of a Pyramid

        Given the following prism, what will the cross section look like if we were to slice the prism vertically along the plane as indicated?

        MATH7 16 1 4
        Topic Notes

        In this lesson, we will learn:

        • Analyze the Change in Volume of a Prism
        • Evaluate the Cross Sections of Prisms
        • Cross Section of a Pyramid

        • Prisms: solid objects with two identical and parallel ends connected by flat sides.
        • Volume of a prism: basearea×heightbase \, area \times height
        • Cross section: a section made by cutting an object along a plane.
        • All cross sections of a prism are the same.