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A statement (closed sentence) is a sentence that is either true or false, but not both. We can denote each statement as a letter. For example,
pp: 1 cm is exactly equal to 10 mm
If we can determine the truth or falsity of a statement, then it has a truth value. An open sentence is a sentence that has a variable. The truth value depends on that variable.
The Domain (or replacement set) is a list of elements that can be used to replace the variable.
The truth set is the list of elements from the domain that makes the open sentence true.
  • Intro Lesson
    Statements Overview:
  • 1.
    Truth value of a Statement

    Determine the truth value of each statement:

  • 2.
    Variables of Open Sentences

    Determine the variable of each open sentence:

  • 3.
    Use the domain {triangle, rectangle, square, parallelogram, pentagon, hexagon} to find the truth set for each open sentence:
  • 4.
    Open sentence, statement, or neither?

    Are the following sentences an open sentence or a closed sentence (statement), or neither? If it is an open sentence, find the variable. If it is a statement, then find the truth value.

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