Similar solids - Similarity

Similar solids



In this lesson, we will learn:

  • Identify Similar Solids
  • Proof of the Relationships Between Scale Factor, Area Ratio and Volume Ratio
  • Given the Scale Factors, Find a Surface Area
  • Given the Volumes, Find the Scale Factors
  • Scale Factors Doubled, Find a Volume

  • Solid: A three-dimensional object
  • Two solids are similar when the ratios of their corresponding measures are constant.
  • Scale factor:
    • The ratios of the corresponding measures of two objects.
    • A numeric multiplier used for scaling.
  • If two similar solids have a scale factor of ab\frac{a}{b}, then
    1. They have a surface area ratio of (ab)2(\frac{a}{b})^{2}.
    2. They have a volume ratio of (ab)3(\frac{a}{b})^{3}.
  • Intro Lesson
    Introduction to Similar Solids
  • 1.
    Identify Similar Solids

    Which of the following are similar solids?

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Similar solids

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