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Enhanced Lessons that Deliver

StudyPug is your complete teaching companion.
Our resources compliment your lesson plan and deliver individual results to every student.

Beyond the Class

StudyPug picks up where the class ends. Our homework practice continues the learning with additional and in-depth video lessons and explanations.

Curriculum-Aligned Content

Our lessons cover every aspect of your curriculum. Our large collection of videos and practice questions will support your in-class activities and homework tasks.

Easy Setup with Google Classroom

Save time on registration and setup. Sign in with Google Classroom and all your students will be registered on StudyPug, ready to learn.

One Lesson Plan for the Whole Class

Quickly assign new content to the entire class, and be able to individually track your students' progression on every topic.

Measure Your Efforts

Measure and monitor your students’ progression. Pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses and for effective 1-1 tutorials.

Build Confident Students

Students can login to their account and see just how well they’re doing too. They can earn gold stars for each section they master, building their self-esteem with each achievement.

Get Your Students Up to Speed

Think of us as a safety net that ensures no student gets left behind. We’re perfect for the students that may be too shy to ask for help, and for the students that need to catch up after a few absences.

Features designed for Teachers

All our features are available to you for free:

It's all in the numbers

1000+ Topics

Complete math, stats, calculus, physics and chemistry help for students of all abilities.

1,400,000+ Students

Enrol your class today and make lessons more fun and engaging.

10,000+ Resources

Supplement your classes with Exam style practice questions and worksheets.

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