Product rule

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  1. Differentiate:
    a) y=x5sinxy = {x^5}\sin x
    b) y=(6x2+x4)5sin2xy = {\left( {6{x^2} + x - 4} \right)^5}\sin 2x
    Topic Notes
    In this section, we will learn how to differentiate functions that result from the product of at least two distinct functions using the Product Rule. There are many memory tricks out there that help us remember the Product Rule, the song "hi-de-lo, lo-de-hi", for instance. But since we think they are still a bit too long, we will introduce you a much shorter, cleaner, cooler version – "d.o.o.d" (pronounced as "dude").

    product rule memory trick: d.o.o.d>
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