Derivative of trigonometric functions - Derivatives

Derivative of trigonometric functions

In this section, we will cover the six differential rules for trigonometric functions. In addition, continuing with the "Bracket Technique", we will integrate the differential rules for trig functions with the Chain Rule. As a memory trick, the derivative of any trig functions starting with "co-", such as cosine, cotangent and cosecant will be negative.


Differential Rules - Trigonometric Functions
ddxsinx=cosx\frac{{d}}{{{d}x}}\;\sin x = \cos x
ddxcosx=sinx\frac{{d}}{{{d}x}}\;\cos x = - \sin x
ddxtanx=sec2x\frac{{d}}{{{d}x}}\;\tan x = {\sec ^2}x
ddxcotx=csc2x\frac{{d}}{{{d}x}}{\;cot}x = - {\csc ^2}x
ddxsecx=secxtanx\frac{{d}}{{{d}x}}\;\sec x = \sec x{\;tan}x
ddxcscx=cscxcotx\frac{{d}}{{{d}x}}\;\csc x = - \csc x\;\cot x
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Derivative of trigonometric functions

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