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11 Exam Cheating Tricks

Disclaimer: Take note that the following tips and tricks are meant for educational purposes, so use this information with proper discretion. But then again, who are we kidding? You’ll try these exam cheating tricks out anyway.  Education is a wonderful thing, […]

What is Example-Based Learning?

Example-based learning is when you provide sample math questions or problems to help students learn. This allows students to apply the fundamentals and principles they learned to actual math problems. Today’s Teaching Environment    Given the limitations of lesson time […]


Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Memory

Every single day is a constant struggle over maintaining one’s mental faculties. There are some days when we think we’re not at our best mentally for some reason, forgetting details and having lapses of concentration. It’s quite normal, and there […]


20 Successful Homeschool Alums

In this era when mandatory education has long become a requirement for the creation of productive citizens for the good of society, the idea of homeschooling and education away from established academic institutions is still quite misunderstood and misplaced. Most […]