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Mark Zuckerberg recently said that without a focus on personalized learning and targeting underserved areas, education cannot truly thrive.
To the best of your ability, complete a 500 – 1000 word article discussing how online learning is changing the traditional educational model of learning. Why and how will it change the way students learn? Who will benefit the most and why?

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Virtual or online learning is revolutionizing American education. It has the potential to dramatically expand the educational opportunities of American students, largely overcoming the geographic and demographic restrictions. Virtual learning also has the potential to improve the quality of instruction,

Learning has greatly changed in the past few years. Online learning specifically has changed the traditional educational model of learning. Most schools are trying to go paper free, so assignments, tests, and projects are done and uploaded online. Libraries are

I will never truly be able to understand what the world is like with absolute no technology in the classroom with new innovations, the new age of technology has just begun to take off, and day to day life with

Throughout the years, technology has become increasingly substantial in our lives to the point where it is generally most efficient to accomplish tasks by using these modern resources. In accordance to this, education does not fall short of being impacted

I am a non-traditional student. At 32 years old I am back in college for the second time, with a different major and completely different life goals than I had at 19, not surprising. I have had a lot of

Online learning has changed the traditional educational model in a way that makes education more accessible to those all around the world. While there are many benefits to the traditional educational model, online learning opens up a vast array of

The educational system has become more dependent on the Internet for operating as a resource for students and teachers. This provides both a positive and negative means of education. First off, the tool of “Googling” provides quick and easy access

Change is the one thing that remains constant in our ever-growing society. We must adapt to this change, or be left behind. One thing that is rapidly changing in our society is in the mode in which we learn.


A nickname for the 21st century is currently known as the information age. This is because the extensive amount of knowledge that exists within the internet. If you want to learn Origami or BioChemistry, there are tutorials of Origami on

The advent of online education has revolutionized the educational institution like nothing else, in many different ways across all fields and levels of learning. It can make education more available to those who cannot attend school for geographic reasons, can

Online learning has radically changed the basis for education throughout the world, creating greater accessibility and connectivity between the student and the subject.

Traditional learning is composed of physically attending a lecture, or activity, within a classroom at an accredited

Imagine yourself learning science in a traditional classroom, a chalkboard at the front, the teacher is lecturing, and you are taking your notes with a pencil and notebook.

Now imagine yourself learning the same exact thing, except, you are in

Online learning is changing the traditional educational model of learning for the better! I have taken several online courses and the easy access to education has changed the careers I am capable of achieving. My focus is on becoming a

The Internet has changed in the past two decades, and with it the traditional education model and the world of learning. Called by some the “democratization of higher education”, the revolution of higher education has brought with it changes to

No two students are exactly alike when it comes to the way they learn. Everyone has a unique way of retaining information for educational purposes. Online learning is changing the traditional education model of learning by expanding the horizon on

Online leaning is an idea that is thriving and redefining the way we learn today. In our pockets, bags, car, home, school, work, the internet is everywhere, and so is online learning. According to a study in 2011 done by

With the current advanced technology that we have in our modern society, students are capable in achieving many more things than ever before. One of those things is the way they receive their education. With the help of the internet,

Online learning has definitely change compared to traditional ways of learning. When you think of traditional way of learning you think of classrooms with rows of desks, and a teacher standing next to a chalkboard.

Well, in today’s world it