Princess Jade Miranda – Changing the Game

Imagine yourself learning science in a traditional classroom, a chalkboard at the front, the teacher is lecturing, and you are taking your notes with a pencil and notebook.

Now imagine yourself learning the same exact thing, except, you are in the comforts of your home, and instead of a pencil and paper, you are using your computer or laptop. Now, on this device, you can listen or watch lectures, take exams or quizzes, and take notes. While in a traditional classroom, you always have to be in class if you don't want to miss a lesson. You have to keep your notes organized in one journal. You also have to keep all your worksheets, quizzes, or test, in a separate folder. It's just a lot to keep up with all the papers. These are just a few examples of how online learning is changing the traditional educational model of learning.

Online education is perfect for those who have busy schedules. For instance; working parents, full-time workers, single parents, people who are pursuing a higher degree, and much more. Online learning is malleable to the student's schedule, they just have logged into their online course at the time perfect for them, instead of going to a lecture at a particular time. Meanwhile, traditional education is ideal for those who have more time in their schedule. Of course, the student can still adjust your class schedule to how you like it. However, there will be some problems trying to make the perfect timetable, for hundreds of students will be doing the same thing that day.

Being an online student requires a lot of self-motivation because, without it, their work and grade will suffer in the online classroom. What's good about traditional education is that the teachers have set a due date for assignments. This forces the student to be disciplined to get their work done on time. However, with the right set of mind and self- motivation, the online student can achieve the same results as the traditional students.

There two kinds of motivation that are exhibited by these two students; extrinsic motivation and intrinsic motivation. Extrinsic motivation is the motivated caused by an external force, in the traditional student's case, it's their teachers and due dates. Intrinsic motivation is created by one's internal motivation, or in other words, "self-motivation." This type of motivation is what needs to be exhibited by the online student. Once the students attain this kind of mindset, not only will it show in their grades, but it will also appear in their lifestyle. This is because once a person has self-motivation, they can motivate themselves to achieve other things besides their education.

Communication is another important factor in one's education. Online students still have this fundamental element in their studies. They can still interact with their instructors and peers, although it will be through online video. Learning through online classes can help one to be much more focus and independently learning. The classes might go much smoother and faster, without the distractions from the traditional classroom. Meanwhile, traditional classrooms are ideal for those who needs face-to-face communication to be successful in their work.

There are plenty of ways online education is changing the traditional way of learning, just like the environment, motivation, and accessibility. Online learning is ideal for those who have busy schedules because they can just login at any time they are available. They do not have to follow a certain time period of listening to a lecture. If you are this kind of person, online education is a perfect fit for you.

Princess Jade Miranda - Changing the Game