Lindsay Aurabelle Keck – Learning Styles

Today society thrives on electronic devices and the use of social media. Imagine how engaged students would be if online learning was more commonly used. Students would actively participate in lessons and be excited to learn. There are several positive aspects of online learning, and I recently have experienced this first-hand also.

I am a student at Eastern Washington University and oftentimes find myself dreading taking notes while listening to a long lecture. With my MacBook that I am able to use, my notes are more organized considering using technology is more visual and fun. The app I use, “OneNote”, has a surplus of features to customize my notes to my learning style.

My professors load all assignments and class readings online, which makes it more accessible. I am enjoy being able to receive notifications of assignments and/or grades being posted online. I love the versatility of using my MacBook for all of my courses. Although I do not take online courses, I have learned to appreciate technology in education.

Taking online courses gives the student a variety of options for classes. It does not matter which degree the student plans on pursuing, it is available within the online course. The flexibility of online courses can even be completed while acquiring a job or having a family. Not all students are able to live on campus and attend class every day. Students can study and work at any time of day, and the material used in the course is accessible online. Online courses give all individuals the opportunity to improve their education, while having other important priorities.

Another positive aspect of online courses is having the pleasure of a comfortable learning environment. Students are able to wear what they please (yes even pajamas) without being in a physical classroom. Also, who wouldn’t love being able to open up their laptop at any time and learn without having to get ready and commute to class?

Online courses are usually less expensive than traditional colleges. There are no textbook fees, room/board fees and commuting fees. This sets the student up for a debt-free future! Many colleges and universities accept these credits, allowing students to meet their requirements and earn a degree with a less expensive route.

Online courses will benefit students who have a job or a family. Those students will be able to learn and further their education based upon their schedule. Students who cannot afford college or university fees are given a much less expensive option with the same benefit. Students will come out of college with little to no debt, and ready to take on the world with their degree!

I believe online learning is a great option for everyone- including myself. Students are no longer are forced to sit in a classroom, or live on campus. With online courses they are given the opportunity to manage their life and priorities, and also accustom to their learning styles. Online learning is changing the traditional educational model of learning.

Lindsay Aurabelle Keck - Learning Styles