Lauren Martin – Independent Learning

When it comes to online learning, some people love it and some don’t. Online learning is changing the traditional educational model of learning. Participating in online classes will change the way students learn, and will benefit some more than others. Online learning can be a great tool for a specific type of student.

Online learning can change the traditional model of learning because it can offer a wider range of students the ability to obtain a degree. Online learning offers an element of flexibility that sitting in a traditional classroom does not.

There are many students that have full time jobs, families or other obligations that don’t allow them the time to attend a traditional classroom. Flexibility allows these students to continue with their daily lives while also trying to better themselves educationally. Online courses can give students the freedom to learn at their own pace, without the distraction of things going on in the classroom.

Although the aspect of learning at your own pace may seem appealing, it can be a downside because students who opt for online courses should have good management skills. When deciding if online learning is what the student wants to do, they should know if they have good time management and discipline. Discipline is important when it comes to online courses since the student does not have everything laid out for them by the teacher.

Students that are active in online courses should be able to set deadlines and make a schedule for themselves and be able to stick to it. There are also some traditional classrooms that use online activities such as homework or quizzes to give more time for lectures. This can be a great tool for teachers because it gives them more time to teach the material in the classroom and makes it easier to grade any assignments they’ve given.

Online learning changes the way students learn because it allows them to pay more attention to the information being taught. When learning online there are no classroom distractions and students aren’t spending the whole time trying to copy down notes on what their teacher is saying. When reading, or listening to information a teacher has posted, it allows the student to pay their full attention. Students aren’t rushing to copy down the notes because they know the information is still going to be there if they ever need to go back to it.

This is also something that is a great feature for traditional classrooms as well. If teachers in traditional classrooms post their notes online, it gives the student more freedom to hear what they are talking about during a lecture. Students in an online setting can stop and look something up on the internet if they don’t fully understand what’s being said. Once they figure out what they don’t understand, they can go right back to what they were learning about and have a better understanding.

Overall, online classrooms can be a great option for those who really need it. If a student is independent and doesn’t need structure to do well in class, they could thrive in an online setting. The student who will benefit the most from online learning is one who can set their own schedule and stick to it, who doesn’t need face-to-face communication, and who can learn pretty well independently. The introduction of online learning changes the traditional educational model of learning tremendously.

Lauren Martin - Independent Learning