Irving Espinosa – “The Torch”

With the current advanced technology that we have in our modern society, students are capable in achieving many more things than ever before. One of those things is the way they receive their education. With the help of the internet, students in elementary, high school and even college, are capable in pulling any sort of information about any topic from the internet and use it towards their education. This model of education is much different than it was 20 years ago, and as time passes it continues to get much more easier to be educationally assisted by the internet.

The traditional educational model of learning includes a teacher guiding their students through a new lesson. With the knowledge that the teacher learned, that information is passed on onto the students, much like passing on “the torch”. The students would then do any sort of assignment or homework with the help of books. The books they used were found at their local library in which they had to read and pull out the necessary information. There was no such thing as Google or Youtube in the past, and these students depended on the provided books.

Today, students from all grades use the internet in order to learn anything or search up anything they don't have any clue about. For the past decade, the internet has grown into an addiction in which people use in order to find any type of information they are unfamiliar with. With the help of Google and Youtube, students can easily search up anything they desire to learn about and gain information within minutes. Youtube has grown into a video education site itself, as teachers and professors upload several lessons that the students can easily watch.

Many would argue that online learning is bad for the way that students learn. But, learning through the internet is a great benefit to both our students and society.
Online learning is a student's way to learn all the things possible with a click of a mouse. The internet is very powerful and it can pull up information on any topic. For example, when a student is assigned a project on a topic, the student can easily go onto his/her computer or phone and gain access to millions of articles and videos on that certain topic. In seconds, the internet can pull up this information for the student to read,watch, or hear. This makes it much more easier for a student to learn new information without having to go to the nearest library and check out books.

With online learning, students of all ages can learn new information within minutes. It is much faster than reading books, and is much more entertaining than any book. Our society is shifting into a technological world, in where computers and phones are our access to infinite information. Online learning is more popular than ever, and our future consists of learning and teaching through the use of the internet.

Irving Espinosa - "The Torch"