Danelle Aros – Preschool Teacher

Online learning is changing the traditional educational model of learning for the better! I have taken several online courses and the easy access to education has changed the careers I am capable of achieving. My focus is on becoming a preschool teacher and because of online college courses I was hired immediately for my dream job. I could achieve this because I could go to school at the same time as working. This would not have been possible with the traditional educational model of attending courses on campus.

Online education will change the way students learn because it gives students more freedom to explore and soak in the ideas presented in the classes. For me when I am going through the lectures online I pause often to search for more information on a concept or to let that idea sink in. With the traditional classroom approach you can't simply stop class or go online to research a topic further while the rest of the students wait for you. Online learning is so personal to you, and because of that the students are able to get the most from it.

The people who benefit most from online learning the most are primarily the students. We are able to grasp concepts more deeply when we are given the time to learn them. With online learning you are able to chose the best path of education for you instead of the best path for the majority of students as is the only option when in a classroom learning environment.

Everyone learns at a different pace and with a different method, just as psychologist Howard Gardner discovered. There are multiple intelligences that people learn with. Each person has their own strengths within these intelligences. The intelligences consist of verbal–linguistic, logical–mathematical, visual–spatial, auditory–musical, bodily–kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalistic.

With online learning you get to learn where you want with whatever you need around you. For example, if you are an auditory learner, meaning you learn best through music, you can have music blasting around you when you are taking your classes. This way of learning may distract another student so cannot happen in traditional classrooms but because you are learning in the comfort of your home you are free to chose what's best for you. Or perhaps you are a kinesthetic learner, or one who learns through movement, with online learning you are now free to move around and dance while reading a lecture. Your education has had the restrictions taken away and you are now free to choose how you learn.

Another positive aspect of online education is that it is propelling us further into the age of technology. Every year we as people are becoming more advanced in what we are capable of achieving with machinery and with that we are able to become more connected to people from around the world. If I wanted to take online courses from across the country I would be able to do that while still living at home. Because of this new way of learning anyone can gain knowledge from any professor around the world. This ability is truly a gift.

In conclusion, online learning is changing the traditional educational model of learning for the better for many reasons. It allows you to learn at your own pace, learn following your own learning style, and learn from people around the world. It benefits the students the most and is changing the way students learn by giving them freedom to learn in a more personalized manner. Online learning is truly a very wonderful option for anyone seeking to further their education.

Danelle Aros - Preschool Teacher