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Throughout the years, technology has become increasingly substantial in our lives to the point where it is generally most efficient to accomplish tasks by using these modern resources. In accordance to this, education does not fall short of being impacted by the increased accessibility of today’s technology. Due to these advancements, people who were not fortunate enough to obtain a higher education before due to personal or financial reasons are now able to enroll in online classes and complete their education with greater ease.

Online classes do change the traditional way of learning because it is a different form of schooling. These types of classes allow people to get their education at all different levels ranging from kindergarten to getting your degree in college. This new way of learning allows the student to work at a pace that is best for their learning as well as to compensate for any immediate situations and obligations they currently face at the time. You are still required to turn the work in at a certain time just like any other face-to-face class except you are granted with the power to be able to complete the given assignments when and wherever you deem to be the best time and place for you. By having access to these opportunities, more and more people are able to go back to school to finish their education which will open the door to more job opportunities that require higher educational degrees which can result in our unemployment rate decreasing.

There is a noteable difference between online and face-to-face classes. In a class that is held face-to-face, students are generally able to get help and answers to their questions more efficiently because of the opportunity to have the hands-on experience to learn and discuss any problems or concerns with the professor in a more focused and intricate environment. With online classes, it can help you to learn to develop the skills to communicate professionally through emails with your instructor as well as anyone else whom you might need to professionally network with in the future.

By using the internet as your classroom, you are able to develop skills that will better help you to understand the functions and uses of evolving technology which will help in a job setting. This form of learning pushes you to be more independent and responsible towards your education while still retaining the flexibility to have a full time job, take care of your family, or whatever obligations you might be encumbered with to accomplish during the hours of a normal school day.

Having the number of people that are enrolled for online classes increase will cause a ripple effect that will have positive effects for our country, economy and the planet itself. Having the option to enroll in online classes financially helps people of all social classes to pursue higher education with less worry about their personal obligations and financial stability while having fewer to no loans to worry about after graduation.

People will be able to save as well as spend more on the things that they need which will help the United States get out of our huge debt pool of about $61,332 per citizen according to the U.S. National Debt Clock. Taking online classes will decrease the amount of trees being cut down to be turned into paper for the students. It will also decrease the amount of people driving which will have a positive impact on our country’s pollution as well as our oceans due to the decrease of demand for the drill of gas.

Calli Juarez - Debt Pool