Anna Koehl – Libraries a thing of the past

Learning has greatly changed in the past few years. Online learning specifically has changed the traditional educational model of learning. Most schools are trying to go paper free, so assignments, tests, and projects are done and uploaded online. Libraries are becoming a thing of the past. Students don’t need to reference books any more, because everything they could need to read is online. This can change the way a student learns, in many ways. There is less and less hands on activities, and presentations are mostly just clicking through slide shows. Online learning can have positive effects and negative effects, but I believe it benefits teachers the most.

Everyone remembers doing homework assignments, writing papers, or taking tests on paper. This is now becoming less and less common. Schools are trying to be environmentally friendly by using less paper. They are using sites like Google Classroom, Edmodo, and Skyward to upload and correct assignments. This has changed the way students do assignments. It is much faster and easier to write a paper online, and they don’t even need to worry about spelling because spell check will help them with that. This actually may be hurting the students, because they are not worrying about their spelling and grammar, because they know they don’t need to learn it as well. This benefits the teachers because it makes correcting things faster and some sites will even automatically correct assignment for them.

Online learning also has caused libraries and using books as resources to become less common. There are so many different resources that students can look online to for information now. Before there was the internet and online resources students had to look up information in books or encyclopedias. Online sites are definitely faster, but now students are unsure or don’t even know how to look up information in books. Most students would say online learning has helped them, but truly this aspect is also benefiting the teachers more. They can find lesson plans, assignments, or notes easily online with out having to do any work.

One last thing that online learning has changed is the way students create and give presentations or do activities. Online activities has caused students to do less hands on activities. Hands on activities are very important for education and allowing students to learn in a different way. This has benefited the teachers the most because now they don’t have to prepare for labs or set up for activities. This is taking away valuable experiences from the students. Presentations also have become very common online resources. Students create powerpoints and just click through their slide show. This has affected students creativity and imagination. Powerpoints and presentations like this, are very hard to make interesting or creative. These types of activities or presentations are definitely faster and easier for a teacher to grade.

Online learning has really affected the way students learn. It has changed the way students create presentations, find information, do activities, and do assignments. All of these things have not benefited the teachers the most, and hurt the students. They have made the teachers jobs easier by having to do less work, grading easier, and finding projects faster. Online learning has taken away many useful skills like finding information in books, spelling, and grammar. It has also decreased creativity and hands on activities. While online learning will continue to gain popularity each year, there should still always be aspects of learning that are not online.

Anna Koehl - Libraries a thing of the past