Ammy Gamez – A New Era

I will never truly be able to understand what the world is like with absolute no technology in the classroom with new innovations, the new age of technology has just begun to take off, and day to day life with smart devices practically fell into our hands, quite literally. This brings us to a much debated question: does technology belong in the classroom? How will online learning affect our future rulers in society? Unfortunately, many people do not understand how the new ages coming will change the future for the better. And how it could potentially dissipate the structure human have been learning with for thousands of years. Learning has been different for everyone that experiences it, and in online learning there are greater capacities to not only to see, but experience.

There is no doubt that everyone is a different learner. “Using technology, students are still learning to think for themselves and along with the others, but they are also learning in ways they couldn't before.” Ms. Nielsen, director of digital engagement and professional learning for the New York City department of education. This shows how students are not only expanding their education academically, but are experiencing the world in a different angle, all at once. People enjoy restricting themselves to what they believe to be unsafe, but restricting the youth of a new way of life is unthinkable; that would be lessening their abilities in the future. And this statement can stand on both sides of the fence; when teachers begin to educate children, they need to use their own skills of interpretation and the world culture today to learn how to best manage the voices of curiosity. “Teachers who are tapping into students’ love of texting, are helping their students increase their literacy skills, too. Numerous studies have shown that the more that student’s text, the more literate they become.” These students will be the new generation that have a part in ruling the world.

It is always such an interesting thing to hear an argument, isn’t it? Those reality Tv shows about silly relationships don't seem so silly when you think about that they teach. There's always what's happening on the surface, and what going on that you can't see, well what is happening here? Perspectives. Perspective are being given by every person on the show, as well as in any show; as well as in real life, you and I. Students everywhere are becoming more and more educated by the subtle empathy they feel while reading sources from years, decades, centuries prior and are learning with the understanding of how society used to be. Technology is a grand display for us to see, and not allowing this potentially prospective way of education is not strong enough to carry our future society. “Students can access primary sources such as public records, photos, journals, speech recordings or newspaper clippings-with guidance from teachers on searching for images on copyright laws and permissions.” This article goes on to explain how students can receive real world feedback on their writing.

Like their perspectives, I had just spoken of, there is another perspective to this problem. “But the most important interaction in the classroom will remain the face to face interaction between the teachers and the students. This personal interaction has been at the heart of teaching students since the time of Socrates.” Dr. Bowne is the president of the Goucher College and author of “Teaching Naked: How Moving Technology out of Your College Classroom Will Improve Student Learning.”.

There will obviously never be a replacement in the hands of teaching a child face to face, giving empathy and discipline. But with the new era of technology quickly approaching, and a newfound crave of education world-wide, children wish to know beyond what the classroom can give. They want to explore new subjects, places, times, and universes. These students will carry on what we have shown, to a time we cannot see.

Ammy Gamez - A New Era