Aimee Smidt – The New Path to Success

Change is the one thing that remains constant in our ever-growing society. We must adapt to this change, or be left behind. One thing that is rapidly changing in our society is in the mode in which we learn.

More and more, students are turning away from the rigid public school system, and instead, opting for a more customizable education route. Online learning is changing the way students are opting to learn, as it fits their schedules, and overall, is more tailored to the individual student’s needs.

From high-school to college, online learning is proving to be just as effective, if not more, all while being exponentially convenient. Graduates wishing to return to school may do so, all while keeping their career. This allows the student to further their education, get a higher degree, all while maintaining a steady income. Without this mode of learning, there would be a lot fewer Master's Degrees in this world.

Statistically, the largest hurdle in getting a higher degree is the difficulty to manage time. Without the opportunity to take courses online, a graduate student would have to go to a traditional university setting, which means extensive class load at fixed schedules. When this is presented as the only option, the student would forfeit the opportunity for a Graduate’s degree, or be forced to quit their job to fulfill credit needs. Online learning bridges the gap between students who are able and unable to achieve higher degrees in a traditional setting.

Learning online is also advantageous to the high school student. The main benefit to the high school student is that he may learn at the pace he sets. For many students, high school is either too fast paced or too slow. A public school cannot tailor the pace of learning for the few

students who are struggling to keep up, or for the ones who feel the material is too slow. The readily available solution is available to anyone with a computer: online high school courses.Online learning is such a positive change for the independent learner. Now the student is not confined by school-mandated reading lists and curriculum. He or she may excel at what they choose, and excel at the pace they set for themselves.

Online learning provides a flexible path for individuals with a sundry of various needs and restrictions. Learning online allows students to work around their schedule while excelling exponentially more than they would have in a classical school setting. In the case of online learning, change is nothing but a good thing. To thrive, break tradition.

Aimee Smidt - The New Path to Success