What is ratio? - Rates, Ratios, and Proportions

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What is ratio?


In this lesson, we will learn:
  • Understanding Ratio Tables
  • Part-to-part Ratio Vs. Part-to-whole Ratio
  • Evaluate Ratios Involving Unit Conversion
  • Determine the Scale of a Map (Ratio)
  • Analyze Ratios of 3 Objects

  • A ratio shows the relative values of two or more objects
  • A punctuation mark colon (:) or the word "to" is used to separate the values.
  • A ratio can be expressed as a fraction, which can be further converted to a decimal or a percentage.
  • A ratio should always be in its simplest form (no common factors).
  • The values in a ratio should always be integers if possible.
  • A ratio can be scaled up/down by multiplying/dividing the ratio numbers by the same value. This process is called scaling, and the value used for scaling is called the scale factor.
  • There are two types of ratio:
    • Part-to-part (comparing one part to another)
    • Part-to-whole (comparing one part to the whole)
  • 2.
    Part-to-part Ratio Vs. Part-to-whole Ratio

    There are 14 boys and 16 girls in a particular class.

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What is ratio?

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