Applications of ratios

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  1. What are equivalent ratios?
  1. The ratio between the perimeter and side length of a square is 4:1. Find:
    1. the perimeter of the square if its side length is 12 cm.
    2. the side length of the square if its perimeter is 126 cm.
  2. The volume of a cube can always be found by multiplying the length of its side three times. For example, the volume of a cube with a side length of 13 cm is 2197 cm3^3. Find:
    1. the ratio between the volume and side length of a cube.
    2. he volume of a cube with a side length of 24 ft. Use the answer in the previous part.
  3. Every month, Paul gets a bonus allowance from his parents for each time he helps out with the chores in the house. He gets $15 each time he helps out.
    1. What is the ratio between the number of times Paul helps out and the bonus allowance he receives?
    2. Paul receives $10 from his parents as a base allowance every week. How much money will Paul receive in a given month if he helps out 22 times that month? (Assume there are four weeks in a month.)
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