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Our calculus tutors got you covered with our complete help for any calculus courses that involve single-variable functions, whether it is a typical Calculus 1 class, or IB Mathematics SL. Learn calculus with ease!

Our comprehensive lessons on calculus 1 cover help on topics like Limits, Derivative, Chain rule, Mean value theorem, Intermediate value theorem, Implicit differentiation, Fundamental theorem of calculus part 1 and so much more. Learn the concepts with our online calculus 1 tutorials that show you step-by-step solutions to even the hardest calculus 1 problems. Then, strengthen your understanding with tons of calculus 1 practice problems.

All our lessons are taught by experienced calculus teachers. Let’s finish your homework in no time, and ACE that final.

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Common Questions
My brother and I are taking Calculus in different schools and using different Calculus 1 textbooks. However, there is only one calculus 1 course on this site. Is this course good for both of us?

Our calculus 1 covers topics taught in most schools. It also includes contents in IB Mathematics SL and IB Mathematics HL. We also have help for AP Calculus AB, and AP Calculus BC, too. Therefore, you and your brother should get the relevant Calculus help from us!

I need help on introduction to calculus class, but this course is calculus 1. Is this course suitable for me?

You are in the right place! This course contains everything you need to learn on single variable calculus, including limits and derivative. We also cover applications of derivatives such as optimization, related rates, and linear approximation. Study with us; you will be able to solve your calculus problems with ease!

What are the prerequisites for calculus 1?

A prerequisite for this course is either Precalculus or Algebra 2 and after you mastered calculus 1, your follow up course should be either calculus 2 or Statistics.

Customer Reviews
4.8 stars based on 14 total reviews
Michelle Cole

Right before my midterms I needed practice calculus problems to test my understanding of differential calculus. I tried all the problems in my calculus textbook, but I’d also get stuck on some of them. All I had was the answer key at the back of the book with no steps. I love StudyPug’s examples since they explain how they get to the answer, and it was a great help. Ended up using it all the way up till my calculus 1 final exam and then into 2nd year. StudyPug is the best of calculus tutors!

Barry Sherwood

I’m studying biology right now and it was compulsory for us to learn calculus in our first year math class. I hate math and it’s always been one of my weaker subjects. The topics like velocity and acceleration calculus is very confusing because of the name. After starting StudyPug, I’ve found myself to continually be scoring above the average marks in my calc class! I’m definitely recommending StudyPug's calculus tutoring to everyone who needs extra calculus help.

Kenyon Price

The instructors on StudyPug are amazing! I was surprised when I first started how easy it was to follow the calculus tutorial videos as they went through integral calculus and have loved the site ever since. Way better than my calculus textbook! Anyone who is looking for calculus tutor should sign up here!

Tiffany Norman

I know my sister used StudyPug in her first year at uni. Hearing how much it helped her in calculus, I decided to try using it before looking for a calculus tutor. And it really works! We were learning calculus limits in class and I couldn’t understand the topic enough to tackle my homework calculus problems. Watched walkthroughs on StudyPug and saw how easy it was to apply the same steps to my homework!

Carl R.

On the first day of my new math class, my prof introduced us to “What is calculus?”. That same day I went online to look for calculus help. Dennis is a great teacher and the way he tackled example problems was clear and thorough. Other calculus tutors in StudyPug are also very good. Glad I sought calculus help from the beginning and I truly recommend anyone else who’s struggling to give StudyPug a try.

Ian Lander

I’ve learned that a lot of times in math lessons, my professors would introduce a subject, give us calculus formulas, and then move on. It was hard to take that brief intro and apply it into our homework later at home. Thank you StudyPug for making calculus tutoring videos and practice calculus problems that actually explains the concepts and shows them being used! It is a much better way to learn calculus. And it has been my lifesaver for numerous assignments and quizzes!

Derrick Ginter

If you’re looking for supplementary calculus problems like I was, StudyPug is a goldmine. The calculus tutors in videos give you detailed solutions to diverse math questions. It makes it easier for when exams come around and you find yourself less surprised at what ends up showing up! Made my calculus 1 review prior to my finals a lot less stressful!

Max Chambers

Hate to admit, but my math was so bad to the point that only calculus for dummies level of help could save me from failing first year calculus. It was painful to learn calculus in class because the teacher was teaching too fast. The concepts like cusp calculus, trapezoidal sum calculus are also too difficult. Luckily, I found StudyPug before it was too late. I watched a lot of the calculus step-by-step solution videos on the site and applied them to the questions on the assignments. It just worked perfectly! I also used StudyPug to prepare for the midterm and final exam. At the end, I have done way better than just getting a pass. It was all because of StudyPug! Thank you!

Stacy Laine

I was Googling 'how to do calculus' and came up with different calc 1 review sites that help me with my subject. I came across the StudyPug website, tried on their free trial and immediately signed up for an account because it helps me understand calc 1 better, I now enjoy learning calculus!

Frank Wolf

I always make sure to take calculus notes I get from StudyPug lessons so I can study whenever I want to. Those notes help me to review for quizzes and exams. Works well for me!

Margaret Bradley

One of the best things we made for my son is to sign him up for an account at StudyPug to have an access to online calculus course and help him deal with college math. He now enjoys math than when he was in high school.

Ingrid Colohan

I never considered myself math genius and neither I am a math failure, but I wanted to make more effort in learning calculus now that I am in college. So I signed up for an account at StudyPug to take an online calculus lessons during summer and I am confident with solving calculus 1 problems!

Monica Beckman

My sister and I are on the same college and I always find time to help her with subjects, calculus 1 topics in particular such as, marginal cost calculus, trapezoid rule calculus, and average velocity formula calculus. We came across StudyPug while looking for online calculus course lessons and signed up for it, she is now doing really well and her grades are impressive!

Liv Banks

I offer calculus 1 tutoring during my free hours to help me provide for expenses in college. I found the StudyPug website online and tried their free trial. Their “how to define derivative in calculus” section was done particularly well. So, I immediately signed up for an account! I have 24/7 access to calculus practice problems and calculus 1 step-by-step guide that I use for my tutoring sessions that are a lot easier for my students to understand!

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Ellen Nelson
Calculus, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ

I have been using StudyPug since high school and everything went smoothly. I love StudyPug and that is why I keep using you even in my first year in college. I was a straight A student in high school, and still am in my Calculus class. I would recommend you to students who need math help.

Sandra Hernandez
Calculus, York University, Toronto, ON

I used to do well in Math in high school, but it is a totally different story right now. Calculus is so much harder than anything I have ever learned. I really wish I saw StudyPug earlier so I didn’t have to suffer so much. With Dennis’ help I can finish my assignments so much quicker than before. Thanks Dennis!

Kenneth Evans
Calculus, University of New Orleans, LA

So much stress in my first year of college…specially calculus was the worst of all. Thank god I have found StudyPug. Dennis explained the topics so well that going to school lecture almost seem like a waste of time. I literally learned everything from Dennis. I wouldn’t survive in the Calculus class without StudyPug.

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