Radical functions and transformations

Radical functions and transformations

It is always so much easier to tell the domain and range of a function from its graph. In this lesson, we will learn how to graph out a radical function by using a table of value and transformations.


Radical functions: a function which contains a variable inside a root. For example: y=xy = \sqrt x , y=3x5y = {^3}\sqrt{{x - 5}}
y=243x8+11y = 2{^4}\sqrt{{3x - 8}} + 11
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    Transformations of Radical Functions
    For each radical function,
    1. Describe the transformation(s) that should be applied to the graph of y=xy = \sqrt x in order to obtain the graph of the given radical function.
    2. Write the "Coordinate Mapping Formula", then sketch the graph.
    3. State the domain and range.
    y2=x+3y - 2 = \sqrt {x + 3}

    y=xy = \sqrt { - x}

    y=x - y = \sqrt x

    13y=2x\frac{1}{3}y = \sqrt {2x}

    y=2x31+5y = - 2\sqrt {\frac{x}{3} - 1} + 5