Classification of data

Classification of data


2 types of data: Qualitative data & Quantitative Data
• Qualitative data:
- Categorical and non-numerical
- Mathematical operations are meaningless
• Quantitative Data:
- numerical
- Mathematical operations are meaningful
- 2 types: Discrete data & Continuous Data

4 levels of measurement: Nominal, Ordinal, interval and, ratio
  • Introduction
    Quantitative Data VS. Qualitative Data
    What are quantitative and qualitative data?

  • 1.
    Quantitative Data VS. Qualitative Data
    Determine which of the following data is quantitative or qualitative.
    i) the marks that students get in a test
    ii) the genders of newborn babies
    iii) the area codes in phone numbers
    iv) the heights of buildings

  • 2.
    Characteristics of Quantitative Data
    Determine which of the following quantitative data is discrete or continuous.
    i) the number of customers visiting a store over a weekend
    ii) the amount of water consumed by a country over the past 10 years
    iii) the outcomes of rolling a 6-sided die ten times
    iv) the heights of trees in a rainforest
    v) students’ shoe sizes in a class

  • 3.
    Levels of Measurement
    Define the levels of measurement below.
    i) nominal
    ii) ordinal
    iii) interval
    iv) ratio

  • 4.
    Identify the level of measurement used in the following scenarios (nominal, ordinal, interval or ratio):
    i) A research on the causes of deaths in a country
    ii) A research that wants to find out the relationship between the amount of time students spend on preparing for the exam and the marks they get in it.
    iii) A survey tries to find out how people rank the importance of: safety, price, speed, and comfort, when they are buying cars.
    iv) A research on how humidity in the air changes over the year in a city

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