Quadratic sequences - Sequences and Series

Quadratic sequences


The nth term of a quadratic sequence is always in the form

Second common difference (2nd difference): the common difference of the common difference.
To find the nth term of the quadratic sequence, we need to find the values of a,b, and c. We find them using the three following formulas:
a=(2nddifference)2a = \frac{(2^{nd} difference)}{2}

3a+b=2ndterm1stterm3a+b=2^{nd} term-1^{st} term

a+b+c=1stterma+b+c=1^{st} term

Isolate to solve for a,b and c and plug those values into the quadratic sequence. Then you will have the nth term!
  • Intro Lesson
    Quadratic Sequences Overview:
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    Identifying the a,b,c's
    The nth term of a quadratic sequence is always in the form:

    For each following quadratic expressions, find the values of a, b, c. Then list the first three terms of the sequence:
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Quadratic sequences

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