Direct variation

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  1. Identifying direct variations by table of values
    Do the following tables of values represent direct variation?

    Identifying direct variations by table of values

    Identifying direct variations by table of values
    1. Identifying direct variations
      Which of the following represent direct variation?

      A. yy = 2

      B. yy = 3.1xx

      C. y=7x9y = - \frac{7x}{9}

      D. xyxy = 191

      E. yy = 8xx + 5
      1. Variable yy varies directly with xx. Determine mm and nn
        Determine m and n
        1. If aa varies directly as bb, and bb = 4 when aa = 16, find aa when b=32b = \frac{3}{2}
          1. If the volume of an object varies directly as the cube of its height, and the volume equals 40ft3ft^{3} when the height is 2ftft, find the object's volume when its height equals 13ft\frac{1}{3} ft
            Topic Notes
            Direct Variation:
            yy varies directly with xx with a constant variation of kk

            y=kxy = kx

            kk \neq 0