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  • Marco G

    I was looking for punchline algebra book a answer key free of charge for my children, but I just couldn’t find it. In the process, however, I came across StudyPug. I saw some good contents on the website and gave it a try. Once my children are using the website to learn, they all love it. The video lessons are having so much detail on explaining concepts and solving questions. My search for algebra 1 answer key is over.

  • Rafa Torres

    I am homeschooling my kid with the textbooks available in bookstores. Most of them are well written and are very useful in helping me teaching my kid. However, many of the book do not have step-by-step solutions to the practice questions in the book. For instance, the algebra 1 workbook common core standards edition answers key, well, is just answers to the questions. I need details on how to solve the questions so that I can teach my kid. Luckily, I get StudyPug to cover this hole. They have videos lessons with in-depth explanations to all kinds of questions in algebra 1. I can learn from the videos and then teach my kid!

  • Anna Fields

    I do algebra 1 tutoring as a part time. In order to be an effective tutor, I get my ideas at StudyPug. For instance, I learn a few tricks on how to do factorisation in algebra in a easier way. There are also algebra 1 practice tests which I give my students and it never fail both me and my students! StudyPug and engageny algebra 1 courses are my go-to places when preparing lessons!

  • Patrick Rox

    I teach high school students and I am encouraging them to sign up for StudyPug to help them cope with their algebra 1 problems. They are able to get poweralgebra com algebra 1 answers so much quicker with the help of StudyPug.

  • Clark Bell

    I always make use of StudyPug account and www slader com algebra 1 to help me understand my algebra 1 textbook better to practice and learn algebra 1, and I am doing really well at class.

  • Tim Svenson

    Since regentsprep org algebra 1 is no longer available, I have decided to take algebra 1 review packets on StudyPug for this summer to help me prepare for high school and I’m glad I did!

  • Martha Evergreen

    Algebra 1 problems have always been such a bother to my son during his high school days and I fear he will have difficulty with it. But I have decided to sign him up for StudyPug for his algebra 1 tutoring and now solving equations and functions is a lot easier for him.

  • Ren

  • Christy Yates

    I need to learn algebra i equations on my own because my teacher did a terrible job in teaching that. Since I am learning it from scratch, using algebra 1 common core textbook online alone is not enough. I need the algebra 1 for dummies level of assistance. That's why this self-learning thing will not be possible without the algebra 1 tutors at StudyPug. Thank you very much.

  • Katy Livermore

    Your website follows the algebra 1 common core requirement so closely unlike the others. I was able to get a hand on mcdougal littell algebra 1 teacher's edition online, and I found that StudyPug is as complete as the textbook. Every homeschooling parent should take a look at this site and learn from the algebra 1 tutoring videos here. Good job StudyPug.

  • Franklin Paulson

    I read multiple algebra 1 textbooks to prepare for the final, I even got a copy of glencoe algebra 1 textbook pdf, but it wasn’t really helpful. Instead, the video lessons here help me going through all the concepts and problems quickly. It's like learn algebra 1 all over again in a matter of days! Thanks for the help.

  • Shawn McQueen

    It’s like algebra 1 for dummies. With the algebra 1 step-by-step walkthrough videos on the site, everyone can master factoring polynomials, algebra elimination method, and other difficult concepts. I just can’t get better math help anywhere else! It even beats algebra 1 textbook. Highly recommended for anyone who is looking for algebra 1 tutors!

  • Marian Lee

    My son is taking 9th grade math and struggling to get good marks on test and homework. We look for algebra 1 tutoring online and are lucky to find this website. The coverage on hard Algebra 1 topics such as, rational functions, and matrices is second to none. The algebra 1 step-by-step explanations are great. We also love the practice questions. It is the best algebra help site that I came across!

  • Bryon Smyl

    I like this website so much because there are tons of algebra 1 practice questions. Not mention the online video tutorials are awesome as well. The teachers here are as good as the algebra 1 tutor I had before.

  • Ivan Samuels

    My algebra 1 teacher gives boring lessons in class. I started losing interest in math. My dad knew it and got me a StudyPug account. I think it is amazing because the algebra 1 tutors in StudyPug make algebra 1 problems easy and interesting.