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Franklin Paulson

I read multiple algebra 1 textbooks to prepare for the final, but it wasn’t really helpful. Instead, the video lessons here help me going through all the concepts and problems quickly. It's like learn algebra 1 all over again in a matter of days! Thanks for the help.

Katy Livermore

Your website follows the algebra 1 common core requirement so closely unlike the others. Every homeschooling parent should take a look at this. Good job StudyPug.

Christy Yates

I need to learn algebra equations on my own because my teacher did a terrible job in teaching that. It will be impossible to do so without StudyPug. Thank you very much.

Shawn McQueen

It’s like algebra 1 for dummies. With the step by step walkthrough videos on the site, everyone can master factoring polynomials.I just can’t get better math help anywhere else! Highly recommended for anyone who is looking for algebra 1 answers!

Marian Lee

My son is taking 9th grade math and struggling to get good marks on test and homework. We look for help online and are lucky to find this website. The coverage on hard topics such as, rational functions, and matrices is second to none. We also love the practice questions. It is the best math help site that I came across!

Bryon Smyl

I like this website so much because there are tons of algebra 1 practice questions. Not mention the video lessons are awesome as well!

Ivan Samuels

My algebra 1 teacher gives boring lessons in class. I started losing interest in math. My dad knew it and got me a StudyPug account. I think it is amazing because teachers in StudyPug make algebra 1 problems easy and interesting.