Relationship between two quantities

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Relationship between two quantities

This lesson will teach us the basic concepts of relationship between two quantities in the coordinate system. For instances, is y a dependent or independent variable? What is domain and range? What is an ordered pair? What is quadrant? And how do we plot points on a graph?


: A presentation of a real number by points on the real number line using an order pair.

A point ( x , y ) on the coordinate plane. Eg. (-3,5), (0,5)…

Origin: The intersection of x-axis and y-axis (0,0) \to ( 0 , 0 )

Relations: Sets of ordered pairs ( x , y )

Domain: All the x-values on the coordinate system

Range: All the y-values on the coordinate system

Independent Variable: The "x" values, which are also known as the inputs when solving for a solution.

Dependent Variable: The "y" values, which are also known as the outputs when solving for a solution.

  • 1.
    Understanding the difference between X & Y
  • 2.
    Express the relation using mapping notation and ordered pairs.
  • 3.
    Indicate the quadrant of the following points.
  • 4.
    Plot or find the points on the grid
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Relationship between two quantities

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